ICONA Srl is born

Icona Srl was incorporated on March 16 2018 and its ownership structure comprises twelve different legal persons, with the aim of increasing this number up to twenty (20). Participants hold equal quotas.

Willing to implement a system operation, all participants share the objective to develop a project capable of giving a boost to the territory for its turnaround, both from the viewpoint of production and also in order to attract investments and new entrepreneurs.

Icona strongly believes that the symbolic and practical value of Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi and of the Olivettian entrepreneurial approach is really precious and should be preserved.

Its reinterpretation in light of the contemporary world, as well as its projection in the current social context and in the build-up of the future of tomorrow, provide clear and profound keys for understanding and embracing change. Mattoni Rossi will re-become an international point of reference in the field of innovation and corporate social responsibility. This is the shared vision through which Icona wishes to restore the role Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi had played during the most brilliant times of Olivetti’s development.

Acquiring Fabbrica Mattoni Rossi does not mean to purchase a property, but rather to embark on a project that, in respecting history, is capable of embracing the spirit of the place.

Undertaking to give new life to Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi means to acknowledge its value and the leap forward in innovation it brought about in Italy’s industrial history, paving the way to the most unique production experiences our Country has ever known. Finding a new function for historical spaces whilst respecting their soul: turning the light on again at Fabbrica Mattoni Rossi to look forward, feet well on the ground.

Link to ICONA Srl’s website: https://www.icona.srl/

Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi lights up
Consultancy firm PlusValue engaged to help Icona