Consultancy firm PlusValue engaged to help Icona

In the project definition process on which it is working, Icona srl has decided to rely on PlusValue, a consultancy business whose work is summarised in the simple concept conveyed by their slogan: “Aligning public and private interests”.

PlusValue (PV) is a hybrid organisation based in London which combines research, experimentation, consultancy, and policy-making activities. The company was created in 2015 with the mission to align public and private interests for common good, turning private investments for social outcomes into a source of competitiveness and wealth creation. In the field of research and policy, PlusValue partners with organisations that are seeking novel ways to generate value for society through innovations in technology, governance, and finance, with a multi-stakeholder approach. Its team has extensive experience in the definition and assessment of social impact strategies, as well as in the realisation of large, multi-disciplinary, and trans-sectoral research/consultancy projects.

PlusValue’s main projects focus on two sectors in particular: urban regeneration, in which social impact becomes an essential aspect of financial and business models, and social and digital innovation, with research and experimentation projects.

Its major urban regeneration projects include the development of an impact investment strategy in project finance for the new Treviso hospital (total value: €250 million) co-financed by BEI and FEI, and the impact strategy and overall assessment for the regeneration of the Milan EXPO area, the biggest regeneration project in Milan (1 million square metres, 99 years of activity, for a total value of €2 billion). Both projects are being realised on behalf of the Australian developer LendLease. As regards social and digital innovation, PlusValue is working on various research and consultancy projects for the European Commission, together with a large number of international partners, focusing in particular on the use of big data to promote service, product, and process innovation.

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