The Future Is Back Home

The goal of the coalition known as “The Future Is Back Home” is the redevelopment of the Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi (Factory of Red Bricks) in Ivrea.

This building, with its great iconic and historical meaning, is part of a city that testifies to the unique experience of Olivetti, the manufacturer of typing machines.

The project involves the Ivrea community and aims to expand beyond local borders to reach the whole Europe, in order to create a network of enterprises and people with a common vision: a future in which local communities and enterprises interact to forge new forms of development and wellbeing.


Ivrea is home to the future

The vision for a modern society goes on. Ivrea’s history, marked by innovation and experimentation, is the starting point for searching new ways of manufacturing, growing, and living. Ivrea’s territory enshrines a past that is full of future, and has decided to open up to the world, instead of keeping it for itself.

The coalition #thefutureisbackhome is open to all those who think that a different future is possible, where enterprises finally become the makers of economic and social change.