Our committment


A space of civil experimentation.

A laboratory of innovation open to society, to face today’s challenges through the generation of innovation and economic, social, and cultural growth.

We want to take new directions, we want to explore the unexplored, we want to open up, share a common vision, and be home to a sound and better future.

The Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi will re-become a laboratory of innovation, a sort of hotbed where new production models will be tested and developed, along with innovative approaches to education and social life.

It will be a space open to the local territory and the world; a stage for ideas, people, and businesses; a meeting point between technology and social issues; a generator of energies and projects that, in taking on the challenges of our time, will aim at redefining the prospects of working contexts, acknowledging the dignity of commitment and enterprises as tools of civil, and therefore economic, social, and cultural, growth.