Sustainability, environment & energy

Sustainability is a necessary commitment.

The future will have to be sustainable, both in Europe and in Italy: no sustainability, no future. The European Commission has recently estimated that 180 billion euros will have to be invested in order to achieve the objectives set in terms of global warming control; this communication heralds the provision of some facilities for the implementation of environmental and sustainability measures.

In this context, an important asset is the involvement in the project of AEG Coop, which has been playing a major role in the energy market of Ivrea for more than a century, and which has faced the challenges of sustainability by managing the supply of methane.


On February 02 1901 AEG Coop began its activity as “Cooperative undertaking for the distribution of electricity and motive power”, purchasing electricity from Società Elettrochimica of Pont Saint Martin. AEG Coop also acquired Officina del Gas and entered into a distribution agreement with the Municipality of Ivrea: the territory got ready to face the challenges posed by the new century.

Energy was definitely the main concern: the availability of adequate quantities of energy at a reasonable cost was a precondition for development: there could have been no development without energy, and no enterprise could have ever flourished. It is not by chance that one of the founders of the cooperative was Camillo Olivetti; he was still far away from creating the company that would conquer the world, but he was already settled in his new factory of red bricks with his first creature, the C.G.S. (Centimetro Grammo Secondo) that he also used to build electric measurement tools.

Today, AEG Coop is still committed to serving the territory with about twenty thousand members, and still sticks to its original values.