Opening press conference

April 04 2018, via dei Cappuccini 22/a, headquarters: press conference and launch of the coalition known as The Future Is Back Home.


“We think that this is a crucial moment for our territory; after many years, Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi returns in the hands of Ivrea’s inhabitants, recovers its central role, and can re-become the driver of our development. AEG represents over 20,000 inhabitants of the Canavese area and leads this project in the cooperative logics of external mutuality. Connections and relations will be key to future development”

Andrea Ardissone


The future is back home.

The Olivettian experience of the Fifties has often been seen as a preview of the future, as something that occurred too early. Ivrea has often been home to the future, first with Camillo and Adriano, and then also through more recent initiatives (Interaction Design Institute, Arduino).

If Ivrea is home to the future, then Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi is ready to welcome it.

A territory accustomed to looking ahead and proposing novel interpretations of challenges that are not only economic and productive, starting from their social and cultural implications, competes to regain its role and be an international point of reference for social innovation and entrepreneurship.

In facing challenges that involve the entire community, it is wise and appropriate to expand the Network by engaging all those who can bring about ideas, relations, and resources.

This is the reason why Icona Srl promotes the creation of a new coalition named The Future Is Back Home. A group open to new local and international partners, legal persons and individuals, from the business and from the non-profit world, who feel involved in such an engaging challenge, to be taken on first in terms of values, and then in terms of project development.


“There is much unexpressed potential in our territory, we are happy that we have already found twelve partners with a vision ready to bet on Ivrea and its future. We are sure that other entrepreneurs in Italy will join us in pursuing our objectives, which are challenging and engaging at the same time. Enterprises cannot ignore the social value of their business, both in terms of responsibility, but above all in terms of sustainability”

Alberto Zambolin


We think that the best way to find a new role for Mattoni Rossi is to mobilize the global community of entrepreneurs, especially those of the new generation and not necessarily from Europe, through networking and engagement activities. The Future Is Back Home can provide spaces, a prestigious brand such as Olivetti, and the chance to work on the Piedmontese territory, which is rich, creative, beautiful and characterised by a hard-working approach as well as by a strong social tradition.

In order to guarantee the success of a campaign of this type, however, it is necessary to prepare the ground, by ascertaining the real potential that Mattoni Rossi offers, the opportunities and difficulties in the territory, by engaging international networks capable of contributing with additional contents and assets, and by encouraging the involvement of the community.

The first part of the project, which will last until July 2018, is developing in three different phases, supervised by PlusValue’s consultants:

  1. Communication Plan to raise interest and involvement
  2. Mapping the territory’s characteristics and the needs and opportunities it offers
  3. Networking with those that show interest and can potentially contribute to the project


Once having defined the nature, contents, and partners involved in the project, the subsequent phase will start from September 2018 and will focus on fundraising for the development phase.

Press contacts for The Future Is Back Home

tel. + 39 02 45498821

Video - The Future Is Back Home